Hardware Projects

This section describes the specification of PicoRio hardware components. We have grouped all the components into 4 general classes according to their respective functionalities. The development status is also listed.



Pygmy_ES1Y Board

Pygmy_ES1Y EVB User Guide

RRV64 Core

RRV64 core used in PicoRio: a 64-bit, single in-order issue, 5-stage-pipeline 64-bit RISC-V core.


Collection of display pipeline in PicoRio™. This includes the GPU, display core, and video encoder and decoder.

Cache System

Private L1 instruction & data cache and unified L2 cache.

System Control

System control related features and units


Collection of input and output interfaces in PicoRio hardware.

The overall PicoRio™ hardware blockdiagram (future work included):